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Mike Aldridge


Mike Aldridge was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He migrated to the State of Delaware at the age of twenty. Mike's first dream was to become a Musician. He later developed a passion in the Automotive Sales Industry. His knack for selling cars made him one of the most successful Sales Associates in Delaware. Mike constantly craved Chicago-land area foods, but these foods were unheard of on the East Coast.

With a mind for business, Mike decided to open his own Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich business. His mission was to bring a new sandwich to the East Cost, while creating a fun, inexpensive place to eat great-tasting, well-prepared food. Mike is currently seeking investors to help him build Beef It Up Chicago-Style Sandwich Shop into a franchise. For more information on Mike Aldridge and Beef It Up Chicago-Style Sandwich Shop , visit us on Facebook and Twitter.